Make The Blockchain Richer

Decentralized Ecology

Smart Contracts

Consensus Mechanism

Parallel Multi-chain


Build an ecosystem that trusts the Internet and the value of the Internet


Through technological innovation, build a global blockchain application infrastructure




Based on Bitcoin, WBTC (World Bitcoin) will start to bifurcate at Bitcoin 503888 to add new features, focusing on improving the practical application of blockchain. After the successful bifurcation, the previous address of Bitcoin will receive a corresponding amount of WBTC in the ratio of 1: 100.The total amount of WBTC is 2.121 billion, of which 21 million WBTC will be managed by foundations. It is mainly used to motivate early developers, invest in ecological construction and operate the foundation.

The initial issuing time will be set on 2018/1/12.



2018.06  Establish gamification ecological chain

2018.09  Establish copyright ecological chain

2019.03  Establish the content distribution ecological chain

2019.07  Establish blockchain digital e-commerce chain

2019.12  Establish blockchain network card (CTID)